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Linking you to the Healthcare Team

We provide families and individuals assistance in determining their Healthcare needs along the continuum of care. We provide education to our clients in helping their loved ones maintain their quality of life while coping with the disease process. We determine the financial cost basis of medical needs: past, present, and future, by analyzing insurance, medical care, prescription, equipment, and attendant care.

Who Benefits from using Medical Consulting Services?

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  • Aging individuals and their families
  • Individuals experiencing chronic illness or injury
  • Individuals needing short or long-term placement
  • Families with a special needs child where future care needs to be determined
  • Individuals needing assistance in determining long-term disease costs
  • Individuals needing medical bill review and/or intervention with providers or insurers
  • Individuals and families requiring an assessment to determine their needs

Our Objectives:

  • Assess ongoing care needs for disease management to the elderly and chronically ill
  • Coordinate medical care services to the elderly and chronically ill
  • Assist family members to determine the appropriate level of care and how to assess the need for change
  • Advocate and interface with your healthcare providers for medical necessity issues
  • Create a medical financial plan to determine resources needed
  • Sort through the maze of healthcare paperwork including Medicare and insurance appeals